Sigma DP1 Digital Camera

After months of agonising Shornbare finally decides on a new camera, a Sigma DP1. Although his Olympus C-770 ultrazoom has, and will continue to serve him well, it is a little bit too bulky, a touch slow, and - whisper it - old (4 megapixels now feels like years ago). A great camera though, and one that survived a direct impact from a crash on a mountain bike (below, courtesy of DP1).

Olympus C770

The marketing bumph sells the Sigma DP1 as a DSLR in the body of compact - impressive in itself, but the final piece of the jigsaw fell into place when Shornbare read a review describing the camera as being suitable for budding Henri Cartier-Bresson's. That swung it. After reading Geoff Dyer's Ongoing Moment SB definitely considers himself a budding HCB.

The next problem was the price. These things cost a bundle (550 quid), so Shornbare decided to buy one on eBay. After finding one up for auction he asked a few questions about it, then took the plunge, winning the auction at £320. Two days later the camera arrived, in mint condition. Shornbare loved it the minute he took it out of the box. It reminds him of a stealth camera.

Expect to see the results on image of the month.


19th May, 2009