Apple iPhone

Shornbare has been putting off the purchase of an iPhone for some time, knowing that he'd be instantly addicted. And he is. The iPhone does however throw up a problem. It is both a product in its own right, but also a product that provides a system for buying other products. Should Shornbare list all the Apps that are bought in the list of consumer goods? They are after all a reflection of Shornbare's behaviour and interests. As a temporary holding place - while the issue is considered further - the paid for Apps will be listed below:

The Guardian
Cleartune Guitar Tuner
Beatmaker Music Sampler and Sequencer
Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock
The Good Food Guide
Wine Notes
National Rail Timetable
The Chambers Dictionary
The Chambers Thesaurus
Trails (GPS logging)
i-Prompt (autocue)
The Good Beer Guide
Measures (conversion)
Sex Game
MX Mayhem (game)
Doodle Jump (game)
Rolando (game)
Nightstand (alarm clock)


January 2010