Kitchen Aid Blender

Keen observers of Consumer Products will notice that Shornbare purchased a blender not so long ago (Krups blender, late 2004). At the time Shornbare was persuaded of this purchase by a sales assistant who remarked that it was: 'the most popular model'. This, after Shornbare had attempted to purchase a more elegant Braun blender which wasn't available. Shornbare succumbed to peer pressure in other words.

Back home Shornbare immediately suspected that all was not well when whatever substance that was being blended started to seep through the bottom seal (sales assistant: 'look you can remove the blades!'). Sometimes it was just a dribble, but at other times it was a bona fide leak. Shornbare resolved to take the thing back but, for various reasons, never quite got around to it.

After moving countries, precluding the possibility that it would ever be taken back to the original store (not to mention the 1 year warranty period having elapsed) this still shiny, new appliance prepared for its final outing, instigating the chain of events that would lead to bill of £280 pounds and a one way visit to the junk yard.

Soup ingredients were prepared by an unsuspecting user attempting to placate Shornbare. Vegetables were chopped and fried, stock was heated, chillies were char-grilled. Into the blender they went. The rotary dial was turned to position 2 (fast). And onto the floor went half the contents of the blender.

Clearing up the subsequent mess an electrical cable was pulled, which caused a table lamp to fall off a shelf, which smashed a hole in a barely new Whirlpool ceramic hob.

Punishment was swift, and the Krups blender (still shiny and new) has now become landfill.

After a period of mourning, the demand for smoothies in hot weather finally became too much for Shornbare. This time it was quality above everything. Kitchen Aid are a top quality US company, Shornbare was told by a sales assistant (will Shornbare never learn?). The purchase was made.


And after a few days use Shornbare is very happy with the results, although a large component of the happiness could be described as relief.