Mission Impossible

This is my theory about Mission Impossible 2. Tom Cruise is a white, middle aged, middle class, male. He tries to tempt Thandie Newton, a black, sophisticated, drop dead gorgeous, women thief into working with him. A true partnership. Thandie refuses, and in a dangerous car race with Tom, she clearly has the upper hand. She has Tom by the nuts and her destiny under control. What happens? She falls for Tom. When he asks her if she will go back to her ex-boyfriend, currently the devil incarnate and about to unleash a deadly virus on an unsuspecting world, she agrees. (Does she do it for the good of humanity or for Tom? Either way Tom gets his way.) Thandie becomes utterly powerless, now having to fake the role of 'bimbo ex-girlfriend come to her senses' to trick the devil incarnate, who finds out about her double dealing (typical women eh?)

In a key scene Thandie, to save the world from destruction, has to inject herself with a deadly (but slow acting) virus. Over the course of the next 24 hours Thandie gets weaker and weaker as the virus takes effect. Only an injection of the anti-virus can save her, and only Tom can get it for her. But what's this? Although Tom gets the anti-virus, he doesn't get to penetrate her with the syringe? A big black man does. Thandie is back in the land of the living.

The theory? Well basically two theories on: (a) gender, and (b) race.

(a) the strong women becomes weak because the man wills it, and only the man has the means to make the weak women powerful again. The moral: women can become powerful but it's a tenuous sort of power, and can be taken away or reinstated at the whim of men. Women are under control basically.

(b) The white man takes the black women's power away, but it is the black man who gives it back to her. The moral: black women need to stop fooling around with whitey and get back to their black roots to become powerful. Theory (b) is complicated by the fact that the white man is complicit with the black man in the control of women. The hierarchy is then: White man at the top, black man in the middle, and black women at the bottom. How pathetically predictable. Changing the social order: that's mission impossible.