Nokia 6510 Mobile Phone

My first mobile phone (The first of many I suspect) was bought in a Vodafone shop in Edinburgh. The phone came to a premature end in December 2004 when it was left on a train between Delft and Leiden. I was hurrying to Schiphol airport trying to remember what I'd left at home. When I got off the train I patted my coat pocket to check that it was still there but, as the adrenaline shot through me, I knew it was gone. I comforted myself that I'd left it at home but I hadn't.

I'd grown to quite like this phone. It had worn nicely, the gold paint wearing off from the corners. The first time I dropped it, crossing Kilburn High Road, I thought it would never recover, but I was wrong. I'd mastered it's functionality - predictive texting, birthday reminders, GPS - and it was small enough to slide into (and out of) my coat pockets. I used the electric blue backlight to find my way to bed as L lay sleeping. Sometimes, after setting the alarm, I'd shine the blue light on her sleeping face and just watch until the light went off. A beautiful sight.