Brad Mehldau - Places

These have got to be the best liner notes ever! An analytical inquiry into the nature of experience, time, memory, and text, running from Plato to Derrida and all points in between, featuring Schopenhauer, Heidegger, Joyce, and Goethe. It takes about the same time to read the notes - and absorb their meaning - as it takes to listen to the CD. So the overall effect is that one is focussed on the music analytically, philosophically, and viscerally.

Five random sentences selected by using the random function on a scientific calculator scaled firstly to the number of paragraphs (18) and then to the number of sentences within the paragraph.

'to perceive the aura of an object we look at means to invest it with the ability to look at us in return' - Walter Benjamin.

They can both grow out of a bad faith in information, 'bad faith' meaning: a false belief in the power of information, and a denial of one's own cognizance of anything beyond or outside of it.

'Be in the moment' - What a crock!

The same person who tells me to be in the moment says I'm 'romanticizing' when I remember a place from the past with longing.

This pseudo-irony plays it safe, and safely never gets off the gound, running on its own fumes in a self-reflexive spinning of wheels.