Whirlpool Ceramic Hob

This dark-glassed, touch-sensitive hob brought the kitchen into the space age, nestling in a stainless steel worksurface. But Instant halogen heating, although looking impressive, wasn't really that much better than the average electric hob. Still, looks are important and Shornbare got a third off the list price.

After two weeks Shornbare decided to cook a Heston Blumenthal recipe for rhubarb. The trick is grenadine apparently, to neutralise the acidic rhubarb. Very nice it was too.

Problem now is that the hob surface smashed when an IKEA table light accidently fell on it. So now it's back to the microwave while the hob awaits repair (14th June 2005).


August 2005

The repair never came.

After call centres, missed appointments, and orders that never arrived, we decided to give up. The repair was going to cost more than we'd paid for the hob anyway.

So it was back to the web for another order. This time Zanussi, after positive experience in the previous house. The Whirlpool hi-tech hob went to the junk yard, after a few short months.